Bring data to life with actionable insights.

We go beyond market share, size and shipment reports to look at the dynamics that drive adoption and how service providers are reacting to the forces shaping and shifting our industry.


Our research services look at our industry across six key dimensions.

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Cloud Comms

In our 12 core territories, we analyse and report on the cloud communications market size, market share, historical trends and future forecasts.

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Cloud Networking

We examine what technologies are at the forefront of the future of cloud networking, SD-WAN, SASE and how to launch those services.

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Enterprise Insights

We research enterprise buying behaviour across 7 regions to provide an end-user lens on industry dynamics and trends.

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Microsoft Reports

We aim to provide clarity to providers on how to work with Microsoft or against them as a competitor.

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Channel Insights

Our new and powerful platform, designed to help providers obtain the latest information on the channel.

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Customer Experience

Providing insight into what services businesses are adopting to drive better customer engagement through CCaaS and APIs.


We give you a complete 360° view of the industry landscape.

That’s an essential part of our service: we don’t want to give you just the figures; our passion is to bring you deep understanding of what’s behind the numbers and how you should respond to them.

There are three ways that you can consume our research:

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Meet our research team

Our research team regularly share valuable insights on their LinkedIn pages – make sure to follow them to stay on top of the latest industry trends.

Matthew Townend

Executive Director

Dominic Black

Director - Research Services

Finbarr Begley

Senior Research Analyst

Patrick Watson

Head of Research