We deliver actionable insights for our investor clients.

Cavell has worked with investors on strategy projects and diligence exercises that have guided the deployment of many hundreds of millions of dollars of capital over the last few decades.

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We are at the forefront of industry analysis and proven market forecasting.

We have a deep understanding of the investment community and how you prefer to work. Our expertise ensures that we de-risk investments and help you to make sound strategic choices. If you are an investor, a consultant working on behalf of an investor, or senior management of an investor-backed vehicle, we are the logical choice for insightful advice.
Most importantly of all, we don’t sit on the fence. We know you want a definitive answer. If you’re asking questions like “should we buy this business” or “is this the right technology to invest in”, we’ll tell you what we think and back it up with robust rationale and practical knowledge.

Relevant Services

Investors will be most interested in the following services.

M&A Consulting

M&A Consulting

Commercial and Technical Due Diligence to look at all relevant areas of your potential acquisition targets.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Bespoke exercises across any and all of our portfolio areas and sector specialisms, built to fit your requirements.

Research Services

Research Services

Market share, research, analysis and end-user insights, available as standalone reports or on a subscription basis.

Investors who are looking at M&A or CapEx projects in our key practice areas ask for help with.

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Market Scanning and Knowledge

We give investors advice on market opportunities and compelling trends to keep your knowledge current. If you are looking to invest in companies in any of our practice areas, or you have an existing vehicle looking for M&A opportunities, we constantly scan the market, giving us the know-how to build target lists for acquisitions.

We work closely with you to identify the key criteria for your targets and give you our honest appraisal of their suitability and quality.

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Diligence on Acquisitions

We offer both Commercial Due Diligence and Technical Due Diligence on potential acquisitions. Our deep knowledge of our sectors means we can look at all the commercial dynamics, including competitive positioning, differentiation, validation of synergy rationale, product relevance and go-to-market.

Our engineering know-how means we can go all the way down the value stack into technical matters like quality of architecture, technology validation, and so forth.

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Business Case Development

As well as M&A projects, many investors ask for our help to build business cases for large capex investments in new technology areas. This includes validating key financial assumptions, vendor selection, product development and assessment of the options available. Often, this involves a “buy versus build” consideration as well as return-on-investment and break-even analyses.

If you are looking to deploy capital in new equipment, we’re here to guide you.

Industry events crafted for investors.

Through our events, we also offer investors access to the right seniority of people and the right profile of businesses. We offer much more than just expertise. We know how to work with investors. We speak your language. We understand that you always need to move fast, and we have the ability to meet aggressive timescales. We are highly credible and referenceable – your own peers will tell us what a good job we’ve done for them.

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Powerful Outcomes

The actions we recommend deliver powerful outcomes for your business. We also provide hands-on expertise to ensure successful outcomes and deliver tangible results that advance your position in the marketplace.


Accelerate Revenue Generation

Time to market and time to revenue are key metrics for service providers. The faster a product is generally available in the market and generating revenue, the better. We are experts in helping to accelerate this process and aim both to reduce the impact of factors that can cause delay and speed up other activities, so you get to revenue more quickly.

We combine several or all of the following methods into a customised plan to get new services to market and generate revenues faster, thus improving both your top and bottom lines.

  • Better product concept definition
  • Closer alignment with customer needs
  • Building and augmenting delivery capabilities
  • Customised go-to-market planning
  • Price/performance benchmarking
  • Training for sales and presales
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Maximise Market Opportunities

One of the things we all love about technology is that it’s always changing. That brings its own challenges and it can be tough to remain relevant in a shifting market landscape. We want to help you maximise the opportunities available to you in the market. That means we need to give you robust analysis and profound insights into all the trends that affect you.

We help our clients to understand six key elements in the market.

  • The size and maturity of different territories
  • Market share by key vendors and service providers
  • Enterprise buying behaviour and motivations
  • Technology trends and product developments
  • Regulatory forces and their practical impacts
  • Business model and commercial changes

If it’s happening in one of our primary practice areas, we’ll be fully versed on its consequences and how you should react. This will allow you both to avoid obsolescence and to move faster than your peers in taking advantage of new opportunities.

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Return on Investment

For a service provider, gaining a significant return on any investments (RoI) you make is an essential component in being successful in tech. We look at RoI through all three of these client lenses so that whatever your investment, we will protect and maximise it.

We help both with RoI definition and realisation:

  • Return on Investment modelling
  • Defining CapEx and OpEx costs
  • Buy versus build comparisons
  • Technology and vendor selection
  • Identifying acquisition targets
  • Commercial and Technical DD

We want to help the players in our industry to survive and thrive. That’s why we have consulting and due diligence services that help with all areas of RoI considerations. After all, a strong market that succeeds in bold investments is in all our interests!

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