Service Providers

We like to think of ourselves as the voice of the service provider.

We work directly with hundreds of service providers just like you, all over the world, and have done for decades.

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We amplify service provider voices by helping the broader industry to understand your activities.

Our regular reports and events are designed to help the service provider community retain a high level of market knowledge and understanding of enterprise trends. We also have tailored education and engineering services to keep your skillsets relevant in a changing market. Moreover, our technology provider clients ask us how they can meet your needs better and support you more as channels. Our investor clients want us to explain your value propositions and sustainability in the market. We influence the service provider value chain in all directions and cherish our close relationships with so many of you.

Relevant Services

Service providers will be most interested in the following services.

Research Services

Research Services

Market share, research, analysis and end-user insights, available as standalone reports or on a subscription basis.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Driven by our latest market research, Cavell’s skilled consultants help to develop commercial and product strategies.

Channel Insights

Channel Insights

Discover our database of 84,000 IT and telecoms resellers by company size, vertical segments and country so you can see what your competition are doing.

Service providers ask us for advice, insights and recommendations to meet challenges.

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Understanding Industry Trends

Our regular reports and events are designed to help the service provider community retain a high level of market knowledge and understanding of end-user customer trends. We take a three-dimensional view to our analyst services so that we can help you to understand your industry via channel insights, enterprise insights and technology insights. These help you know your position in the marketplace and the steps you need to take to remain current and relevant.

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Developing New Services

The challenges relating to adopting a new technology to develop new services can be daunting and simply understanding industry trends isn’t enough. We also help with strategy definition, concept validation, business case building and with board paper presentations. Our engineering services also support you with technical advisory, design and deployment services. We also help with complex network migration, standardisation projects and navigation growth bursts.

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Powering Go-to-Market

At any stage in your evolution, chances are you have existing/mature services, upgraded offerings and new products being launched. We don’t just help with getting these services built and deployed; we also help to power your go-to-market. In key markets, we give insights on changes to the landscape. We train channels, salespeople and technical staff on consultative selling, and for new markets we provide blueprints for action, including channel enablement.

Industry events crafted for service providers.

Many of our service provider customers enjoy coming to our events, reconnecting with old friends and meeting new useful people in our SP community. You are the lifeblood of our industry and we are proud to work with you every day to bring new innovations to the world.

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Powerful Outcomes

The actions we recommend deliver powerful outcomes for your business. We also provide hands-on expertise to ensure successful outcomes and deliver tangible results that advance your position in the marketplace.


Accelerate Revenue Generation

Time to market and time to revenue are key metrics for service providers. The faster a product is generally available in the market and generating revenue, the better. We are experts in helping to accelerate this process and aim both to reduce the impact of factors that can cause delay and speed up other activities, so you get to revenue more quickly.

We combine several or all of the following methods into a customised plan to get new services to market and generate revenues faster, thus improving both your top and bottom lines.

  • Better product concept definition
  • Closer alignment with customer needs
  • Building and augmenting delivery capabilities
  • Customised go-to-market planning
  • Price/performance benchmarking
  • Training for sales and presales
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Channel & Sales Enablement

All our service provider customers have sales teams and almost all of them have indirect channels to market in place. Many operate on an international scale. It is a major challenge for most players in our industry to keep their sales teams up-to-speed with current developments and enterprise buying behaviour. Likewise, powering up new channels in new territories is critical for success.

With proper training, delivered around the world by experienced education professionals, we will help you to ensure that both your direct and indirect sales efforts are a success. After all, even if you have great products, you still need a great channel to market to beat your competition.

We develop channels to market and sales capabilities with initiatives including:

  • Channel accreditation schemes
  • Marketing campaigns for certification
  • Country market launch training
  • Channel onboarding and education
  • Sales training for sales teams
  • Consultation training for tech teams
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Maximise Market Opportunities

One of the things we all love about technology is that it’s always changing. That brings its own challenges and it can be tough to remain relevant in a shifting market landscape. We want to help you maximise the opportunities available to you in the market. That means we need to give you robust analysis and profound insights into all the trends that affect you.

We help our clients to understand six key elements in the market.

  • The size and maturity of different territories
  • Market share by key vendors and service providers
  • Enterprise buying behaviour and motivations
  • Technology trends and product developments
  • Regulatory forces and their practical impacts
  • Business model and commercial changes

If it’s happening in one of our primary practice areas, we’ll be fully versed on its consequences and how you should react. This will allow you both to avoid obsolescence and to move faster than your peers in taking advantage of new opportunities.

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New Product Introduction

Over the last three decades, the Cavell team has not only seen a lot of change in the internet industry, we’ve driven it. Therefore, we are seasoned NPI professionals. If you’d like to capitalise on a new market opportunity, we can help you to get there more quickly. We can even do this in different countries with multi-lingual training support.

Our New Product Introduction work includes:

  • Concept definition and business case
  • Pricing and margin analyses
  • Service definition and MVP buildout
  • Design and implementation
  • Legacy migration and integration
  • Sales and technical training

You may need help with just one of these areas or perhaps you’d prefer a managed service that covers them all. Wherever you need our input, we’ll help ensure that you launch new services properly.

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Return on Investment

For a service provider, gaining a significant return on any investments (RoI) you make is an essential component in being successful in tech. We look at RoI through all three of these client lenses so that whatever your investment, we will protect and maximise it.

We help both with RoI definition and realisation:

  • Return on Investment modelling
  • Defining CapEx and OpEx costs
  • Buy versus build comparisons
  • Technology and vendor selection
  • Identifying acquisition targets
  • Commercial and Technical DD

We want to help the players in our industry to survive and thrive. That’s why we have consulting and due diligence services that help with all areas of RoI considerations. After all, a strong market that succeeds in bold investments is in all our interests!

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