Make the right deals and de-risk investments with our help.

We work with investors, their portfolio companies – and consultants working on either’s behalf – on due diligence projects for established and emerging technologies.

Full-cycle M&A services

A suite of services for the transaction lifecycle.


Market Familiarisation​

Rapidly accelerate the acquisition of knowledge. Opportunity awareness needs a partner with deep understanding. Cavell significantly cuts the time and resources required to gain critical industry and market knowledge.


Commercial Due

Validate business cases and uncover hidden risks. Cloud-related business cases are usually complicated and opaque. Cavell’s unique focus brings clarity that comes with deep understanding and respected expertise.


Technical Due Diligence

Identify red flags and predict future tech problems. Pitch decks and IMs don’t explain the pros and cons of underlying technology. Cavell’s research and experience breaks down knowledge barriers and explains risks clearly.



Create a plan or correct course to fit the market. Buying and building can deliver different but profitable results. Cavell unblocks scaling, market-fit and geographic debates with empirical data and insights.


Post M&A Consulting

Integrate teams, unify strategies and find synergies. Keeping the plane flying while changing the engine is a difficult job. Cavell accelerates integration and reveals savings with an objective, knowledgeable approach.


Proven market intelligence with strong industry and investor relationships.

You can always ask us the blunt questions that you really want to ask, and we will answer them.

We are delighted that the feedback from our diligence clients is always the same: they’ve never engaged with anybody so comprehensive, knowledgeable and easy-to-work with as us.

Our investor services cover more than just CDD and TDD of acquisitions. We also help de-risk investments via market landscaping, building investment cases, undertaking buy v build comparisons and many other areas.

Ask us blunt questions and we’ll give you the answers you need. Find out more about our M&A work.